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Andy Beill

<p>Rail strikes are planned in less than two weeks (Danny Lawson/PA)</p>

Do you support the fresh round of Tube and rail strikes?

Trains will be brought to a standstill after industrial action was announced

Jun 8, 2022

Is it time for Boris Johnson to go?

Conservative MPs are to have their say on whether they still have confidence in Boris Johnson

Jun 8, 2022

What do you think of TfL considering cutting 78 London bus routes?

The sight of London’s famous red buses could become rarer under plans to reduce services

Jun 1, 2022

What do you think about Boris’s plan to use imperial measurements?

The UK could become one of the few countries in the world where imperial measurements are most commonly used

May 30, 2022

What do you think of Rishi’s windfall tax?

A long-awaited windfall tax has been imposed on energy firms to redistribute some of their profits to UK households

May 26, 2022

What do you think of the Sue Gray report findings?

Boris Johnson says it is time to move on from the events of partygate – but that may depend upon the response to Sue Gray’s report

May 25, 2022

Are you excited about getting on the Elizabeth line?

The Elizabeth line has brought smiles to passengers’ faces today

May 25, 2022

Are you concerned about monkeypox?

Monkeypox seems to be hanging around in the news on a daily basis, with numbers of confirmed infections creeping up

May 23, 2022

Do you think partygate lockdown fines were fair?

Police issued 125 fixed penalty notices in addition to the single fine for Boris Johnson

May 20, 2022

Would you go public if you won the lottery?

Not everyone chooses both fame and fortune

May 19, 2022

Are you more concerned with rising costs than climate change?

The surge in costs has overtaken the climate crisis as the biggest worry for millennials and their younger GenZ counterparts

May 18, 2022

Should volunteer officers be given Tasers?

Trained special constables will be given Tasers so they are not at a ‘disadvantage’ against attackers carrying a weapon.

May 17, 2022

Is Queen’s pudding winner the best out there to mark the Jubilee?

Coronation chicken, Victoria sponge, and now... lemon Swiss roll and amaretti trifle?

May 13, 2022

Should cannabis be decriminalised?

Sadiq Khan says it’s time to review this country’s drug laws after seeing how it’s done elsewhere

May 12, 2022

Would you back London 2036?

Sadiq Khan is on a mission to woo the US, but his latest big idea will be more of a crowd pleaser back home

May 11, 2022

What do you think about the new Doctor Who?

Ncuti Gatwa will become the first black actor to play Doctor Who’s lead role full-time.

May 9, 2022

Have the Tories taken London for granted?

A separate Conservative party for London has been suggested as a necessary move

May 6, 2022

Should there be a windfall tax on Britain’s energy firms?

The latest bumper profits announcement from a big energy firm have added fuel to calls for a windfall tax.

May 5, 2022

Do you think the Crossrail will be worth the wait?

Delays and expense are two things commuters hate – and there’s been no shortage of those with Crossrail before passengers have even stepped foot on a train.

May 4, 2022