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Anne McElvoy


Anne McElvoy is an Evening Standard columnist and senior editor at The Economist


Anne McElvoy is an Evening Standard columnist and senior editor at The Economist


Elites descend but does Davos still have clout?

It’s a playground of power, privilege and blue-sky thinkers — but with the world in turmoil, it wasn’t quite business as usual when the 0.1 per cent met in the mountains this week. By Anne McElvoy

May 27, 2022

Keir, Labour and a bad case of Long Corbyn

Factions, divisions, mistrust — despite Starmer’s efforts to detoxify the Labour party, the shadow of its former leader still looms large. As beergate derails its trajectory, can the party still capitalise on a chance to win voters over? By Anne McElvoy

May 17, 2022

Keir v Boris: inside their very political psychodrama

The Rayner row has escalated the antipathy between the two leaders. With the PM under threat, is this Starmer’s moment?

Apr 28, 2022

David Davis: I called for Boris to go, but Ukraine is the real issue

He’s the rabble-rousing veteran Tory unafraid of a fight, even with the PM. David Davis talks to Anne McElvoy about the Establishment’s love affair with oligarchs and finally processing the traumatic childhood that left him mute

Mar 18, 2022

How Volodymyr Zelensky became face of the free world

He’s rapidly found himself the central figure in a spiralling crisis – and his bravery has earned him global respect. Anne McElvoy charts his improbable rise, from comedian to Ukrainian President

Mar 7, 2022

Duchess of Cambridge — the making of a royal megastar

As she embarks on a rare solo overseas tour, Anne McElvoy reflects on the Duchess of Cambridge’s faultless performance while navigating the trials and vicissitudes of being a modern royal

Feb 23, 2022

Boris Johnson makes more band changes than Spinal Tap

If your problem is relations with MPs, it’s not a terrible idea to put a loyal MP into the heart of Downing Street

Feb 8, 2022

Why the Sue Gray case is Cressida Dick’s trickiest yet

Partygate has dragged the Met Commissioner into a complex and compromising web. As the pressure grows, is London’s police force too aligned with the interests of those in Number 10? Anne McElvoy on the woman at the centre of the saga

Jan 31, 2022

The risk of a Russian war with Ukraine is high — and we’ll all suffer

Putin has been undeniably shrewd in commanding the tactical fields of play

Jan 26, 2022

Gray’s anatomy: what to expect from yet another big week in politics

Senior staffers and insiders are in frantic mode as they try to prepare for the inevitable fallout from Sue Gray’s wide-ranging inquiry into Partygate. Anne McElvoy goes inside the bunker

Jan 24, 2022