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The best walkie talkies for kids: Perfect for wannabe secret agents and outdoor explorers

Ready to take your kids’ hide and seek games to the next level? Do you have siblings that fancy themselves as a master secret agent?

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09 June 2022

alkie talkies are a fun way for kids to stay in contact with friends and family, get some independence and freedom and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether they’re heading off on adventures, exploring the local park, hosting a sleepover, playing in the garden with friends or even camping during the holidays, walkie talkie two-way radios are a simple and entertaining screen-free way to send and receive audio messages.

They’ve really come a long way since the simple handsets we had during our childhood. Gone are the days of a heavy brick with static-filled push to talk functionality - whether it’s a walkie talkie set with a backlit LCD screen, voice changing walkie talkies, or a pack of three for larger families to share, we’ve got you covered.

Things to consider when buying walkie talkies:

  • Length of range: The range of a walkie talkie is fairly crucial, as it determines how far apart the handsets can be whilst still communicating effectively. Whilst you may find ‘adult’ walkie talkies with a longer range, most children’s walkie talkies have a range of between one and five miles. It is worth remembering however that the range quoted is a maximum, which is more likely to be achieved in wide-open spaces and fields. In built-up surroundings or home environments, the range experienced is likely to be much less.
  • Size and weight: They need to be lightweight, portable and where possible, come with the addition of robust and gripped materials to ensure a secure hold, even with small hands. Some children’s walkie talkies also come with lanyards, clips or keyrings, which can help prevent accidental damage or drops when playing.
  • Age suitability: Whilst you can pick up plastic ‘toy-like’ walkie talkies for preschool children at a budget price, there is certainly an element of getting what you pay for. If you’re after a walkie talkie for children that actually works, you are best to look for more feature-rich devices that are just like ‘grown up’ walkie talkies, but specifically tailored to a younger audience. These options offer far better sound quality and are something the whole family can enjoy together. Most children’s walkie talkies are aimed at ages 3-12 years.
  • The number of channels: Walkie talkies work via radio waves and both handsets need to be on the same channel to communicate. If a channel in the local vicinity is already being used, they’ll need to pick another. The more channels the walkie talkie has to choose from, the greater the likelihood of finding a free one.
  • Ease of use: How easy are the walkie talkies to use? Are they intuitive for younger users? Do you need to hold the button down to talk? Some walkie talkies offer Voice Operated Exchange (VOX) capabilities which enable children to send messages without holding down the button to speak. Instead, the microphone stays on and automatically transmits when it registers a voice. VOX can be helpful for younger children who may struggle or forget to hold down the talk button.
  • Night suitability: Will your children be using their walkie talkies in low light or at night? Some walkie talkies come with an integrated torch and LCD backlight, making them more suited to use all around the clock.
  • Sound quality: Your walkie talkies must offer clear, crisp audio, ideally with a variety of volume settings. A good quality walkie talkie will also filter out background noise and static to deliver a higher quality sound.
  • Battery life: Most walkie talkies require a significant number (3 or 4) batteries in each handset and therefore it’s worth having a steady supply to hand. Some walkie talkies come with a rechargeable lithium battery or can use rechargeable batteries instead. These may be more expensive initially, but can work out cheaper in the long term.
  • Security: It’s important your children understand about privacy and how to keep themselves safe when using a walkie talkie. You may want to remind them that if someone is within range, they would be able to tune into their conversations. It’s also handy for them to know how to turn off the walkie talkie or change channels if someone they don’t know tries to communicate with them.

Here are the best walkie talkies to buy your kids in 2022

Nestling Walkie Talkies (3 pack)


- Range: 3 miles

- Battery type: 4 AAA batteries per handset (not included)

- Channels: 8

- Number in pack: Three

Ideal for families with more than two kids or groups of friends to share, this pack of three Nestling Walkie Talkie handsets offers excellent value for money and is ideal for beginners.

They have a simple to use child-friendly design, and come in blue, pink and green camo designs. Each handset is easy to hold with a robust gripped design and has a protective drop resistance of up to 1.2 metres, meaning they can handle even the roughest of off-road adventures.

With a three-mile range in open settings, there are eight main channels with 99 subchannels to choose from, allowing significant flexibility when finding a vacant one for communication. Whilst it’s straightforward to transmit by pressing down the left-hand button, the included VOX function also allows hands-free communication as and when required.

We love the built-in flashlight and LCD Display for nighttime adventures. With crisp clear audio which suppresses background noise and interference automatically, your kids will never need to ask you to repeat your secrets …. over.

Miavago Walkie Talkies


- Range: 3km

- Battery type: 4 AAA batteries per handset (not included)

- Channels: 8

- Number in pack: Two

Weighing just 90g each and measuring 14.5cm in height including the ariel, the Miavago Walkie Talkies are super compact and lightweight, making them a portable, on the go choice, even for younger family members.

With a simple to use ‘push to talk’ operation as well as VOX, children can opt to use the Miavago completely hands-free if they prefer, leaving them to climb trees, build dens or easily hide from their friends.

The built-in flashlight and bright backlit LCD screen mean your kid’s adventures don’t need to stop when the sun goes down, whilst the adjustable volume and clear communication allows them to be heard and understood the first time, every time.

The Miavgo Walkie Talkies offer a decent range of 3km and a choice of eight different channels, meaning you can easily swap to another channel if one is already taken. There’s even a really handy scan feature which allows your children to check if their friends are nearby.

Kearui Walkie Talkies


- Range: 3 miles

- Battery type: 4 AAA batteries per handset (not included)

- Channels: 8

- Number in pack: Two or Three packs

Available in packs of two or three depending on your family size, the Kearui Walkie Talkies come in a choice of colour combinations including blue, green, orange, pink and purple.

Recommended for three to 12-year-olds and weighing just 90g each, these walkie talkies are lightweight and portable, with a protective hard shell and the option to securely attach to a bag or belt using the handy incorporated clip.

With an adjustable volume level, a choice of eight channels and a child lock to prevent children from accidentally changing the settings once established, the Kearui Walkie Talkies allow broadcasting to one or multiple units simultaneously.

For longer conversations, the VOX setting help children achieve more relaxed hands-free communication.

VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies


- Range: 650ft

- Battery type: 3 AAA batteries per handset (not included)

- Channels: 4

- Number in pack: Two

If you have younger children and are keen to ensure communication is private and secure, the VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies are a great choice. Unlike other walkie talkies that work via radio channels, these walkie talkies have a digital connection, meaning no one else can accidentally tune into your child’s conversations.

Whilst the range is shorter than some other brands on our list, they are a fun choice for siblings and friends entering the world of walkie talkies for the very first time.

The most ‘toy-like’ walkie talkies on our list, the Vetch KidiGear Walkie Talkies offer a great balance of entertainment and communication. They come in a choice of pink or blue and enable picture messaging and emojis to be sent between devices from a range of built-in animations.

Kids can even change how their voice sounds using the hilarious voice-changing effects, or challenge their opponent to one of four built-in two-player games.

NEHOPE Walkie Talkies


- Range: 4 miles

- Battery type: 3 x AAA batteries

- Channels: 22

- Number in pack: Two

For extra flexibility on when and how your kids use their walkie talkies, the NEHOPE Walkie Talkies offer a choice of 22 channels and offer either ‘one to one’ or ‘one to more’ communication, meaning children can easily team up with friends for wider group communication.

With a robust and ergonomically shaped design, these walkie talkies are lightweight and easy to carry, with the option of even attaching to clothing using the integrated belt clip.

They work via a simple push to talk operation, whilst providing the reassurance of VOX for younger users, and the sound quality is clear and crisp with high anti-interference to avoid static or background noise distorting clarity.

With a built-in flashlight and a bright backlit LCD screen to keep children safe during nighttime missions, they also clearly display the channel, volume and battery status.

QNIGLO Rechargeable Walkie Talkies


- Range: 2 miles

- Battery type: USB rechargeable batteries (included)

- Channels: 8

- Number in pack: Two, three or four

Certainly ranking high on the ‘cute factor’, the QNIGLO Rechargeable Walkie Talkies come in an adorable character design and unique to other walkie talkies, come with a choice of wearable options, including watch straps, lanyards or a clip.

Available in packs of two, three or four to suit your family size, they also come with the benefit of having built-in rechargeable batteries, which whilst more expensive than others initially, will save you significantly charges in terms of battery cost. It’s worth noting that you will need your own USB charger, however, as they don’t come with one included.

There’s a choice of eight channels, 99 subchannels and eight different volume levels as well as the additional security of a privacy code function to prevent unwanted communication. Ideal for travel or days out with family, there’s an incorporated FM radio for on-the-go entertainment.

Toy Zee Walkie Talkies


Range: 9km

Battery type: 4 AAA batteries per handset (not included)

Channels: 14

Number in pack: Two

If you’re after a budget-friendly device but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, the Toy-zee Walkie Talkies are a great option. Don’t be fooled by the low price, the range on this set is really impressive.

Coming in 10 different colours to suit every personality, these lightweight walkie talkies offer a range of up to 9km in open conditions and a choice of 14 channels to select from – ideal for older children or teenagers who may venture a little further afield. They do only come in packs of two, however, meaning they’re less suitable for a larger family.

Weighing just 107grams per handset, they’re also lightweight and portable and include a built-in flashlight for adventures around the clock. The sound quality is surprisingly good, with anti-interference doing a good job at removing any distortion or background static. They also include the handy VOX to talk option, which extends their use to younger children too.


With the larger pack sizes offering flexibility for families, siblings or even parents wanting the reassurance of checking in on two siblings exploring together, the Nestling Walkie Talkies came out as our preferred walkie talkies for kids.

With an impressive three mile range and eight channels to choose from, they offer a crisp quality sound in a rugged, sturdy design and powerful flashlight, making them ideal for every outdoor adventure and mission.