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ES celebrates the Queen’s 70 years on the throne with limited edition portraits

There are three extraordinary designs to choose from, created by three trailblazing contemporary artists

Evening Standard

eventy years doing anything deserves special attention, but when one spends that time as a sovereign and stateswoman putting public service above all else - well, that deserves a right royal celebration indeed.

To mark the start of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee week celebrations, which will culminate in a four-day weekend over June 2 - 5, the Evening Standard has commissioned three portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-standing monarch in British history.

We’ve called upon some of the brightest names in the contemporary art world for their interpretations of Her Maj and put them on limited edition merchandise to commemorate her reign.

Each artist’s work will be available to buy as a print (£39), tea towel (£24), tote bag (£29), plate (£49), and twin teacup and saucer set (£129). All profits will be donated to the Evening Standard’s ongoing Ukraine Appeal.

Evening Standard

Here’s the lowdown on each artist and their unique takes on our magnificent monarch:

Noma Bar

The London-based Israeli graphic designer has created works for everyone from Nike to the NY Times. For ES, the artist has rendered the Queen in blue and yellow tones with an “iconic silhouette” that depicts a young Elizabeth. A string of pearls is added to her neck to make the piece feel more “classical”.

Noma Bar/Evening Standard

Halim Flowers

Halim Flowers, AKA Superpredator, was wrongly imprisoned for 22 years, and became an artist behind bars. When the call came for the commission, he says he “got to work in a matter of hours”.

The result is a Basquiat-style piece showing the Queen in the early days of her reign layered above an image of the Mona Lisa. It’s an image with widespread appeal that will stand the test of time.

Halim Flowers/Evening Standard

Shana Wilson

The Canadian artist is no stranger to a famous face - she’s done oil paintings of Jackie Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the past and is inspired by “strong women” - no wonder our Queen is part of her collection of works now too. Her portrait shows the Queen in her current golden age with a glimpse of her playful side shining through in a wry, sideways smile. The feminist work strives to show ‘the woman under the crown’.

Shana Wilson/Evening Standard

To buy The Evening Standard’s Platinum Jubilee merchandise and a unique artist print please click here.

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