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Gadgets & Tech
Gadgets & Tech

Best car phone holders and chargers

Car phone mounts are now essential tools for busy people on the go. Here are some of the best options.


Best noise-cancelling headphones of 2022

Listen up to get the best of your listening experience

Gadgets & Tech

Best digital photo frames for the memories that matter

Keeping a keen eye on all his Kodak-moments, Stuart Pritchard puts digital photos quite literally in the frame…

Gadgets & Accessories

Best MP3 players for great sound on the go

The noughties called, they want their MP3 players back


Best tablet deals in the UK for June 2022

Shop this month’s best discounts on iPads, Microsoft and Android tablets with savings of up to 40 per cent


Best Nintendo Switch deals in the UK for June 2022

Game away to your hearts content with these great nintendo switch deals


Best laptop deals in the UK for June 2022

Shop smart with discounts up to 50 per cent off


Best speakers for music 2022: Top systems reviewed

Boogie the night away with these music speakers for every occasion

Gadgets & Accessories

Best Garmin watches for getting in smart shape

Back in the field with blurry focus on his health, Stuart Pritchard gets to grips with Garmin’s great and good…

Home & Garden

Best cordless vacuum cleaners for dust-free days

Eliminate allergens and destroy dust and dirt with 10 of the coolest cordless vacuum cleaners about. Stuart Pritchard digs the dirt…

Gadgets & Accessories

Best binoculars of 2022

From sublime wildlife watching to stellar stargazing, Karl Cushing zooms in on the best binoculars on the market

Gadgets & Tech

Best TV deals UK: cheap offers on televisions

The best TV offers on now from 42” to over 65” 

Health & Fitness

Best muscle recovery drinks and snacks

Give your workout a helping hand with clever snacks to boost your recovery

Gadgets & Accessories

Best FemTech products for menstrual and female reproductive health

Ditch the painkillers and hot water bottles and get to know your body better with these nifty gadgets and apps


Best cordless lawn mowers for getting the garden in seasonal shape

Casting away the cords and gambolling into the garden backed only by battery, Stuart Pritchard cuts a swathe into modern-day lawn mowing…


Best kitchen gadgets you never knew existed

We’ve searched the Internet far and wide to find the best, weirdest and most unknown kitchen gadgets 

Gadgets & Accessories

Best telescopes for stargazing in 2022

Heavens above! Your guide to the best telescopes for stargazing, created for all astronomy enthusiasts

Kitchen Appliances

Best bean-to-cup coffee machines to kickstart your day in style

From minimalist one-click models to complex pieces of kit, we round up the best bean to cup coffee machines on the market for a game-changing coffee or two

Gadgets & Tech

Best home printers for easy printing of documents and photos

From occasional printing to heavy duty usage, these are the best buys

Gadgets & Accessories

Best relaxation gadgets to help you unwind

Let the day’s stress float away with these mindful gadgets

Fitness wear

Best sweat-wicking activewear to keep you feeling fresh all day long

Activewear pieces designed to wick workout-induced perspiration away, no sweat

Gadgets & Tech

Best gaming laptops 2021, from budget to high end systems

Game-face on and trousers off, Stuart Pritchard gets comfortable and reviews the top 10 gaming laptops


Best budget smartphones that don’t miss out on functionality

Sub-£300 phones with all the bells and whistles you need


The best city bikes of 2022

If you think all cyclists need to go fast, you’re wrong. The definitive guide to errand-friendly, Sunday-loving bikes.


Get the Philips Lumea Series 9000 IPL device for only £38.50 a month

The brand has launched a new programme so you can try before you buy

Gadgets & Tech

Best smart thermostats to keep warm and save money

Control your heating from your phone and save money in the process with the best smart thermostats you can buy

Gadgets & Tech

Best portable projectors for seeing the bigger picture

Seeking entertainment enlightenment on the move, Stuart Pritchard sets his sights on six of the sexiest portable projectors…

Gadgets & Tech

Best webcams to crush video calls and conferences

After an avalanche of online meetings during lockdown, Stuart Pritchard selects seven of the best webcams for always looking your most serious or, indeed, sexy self…

Gadgets & Tech

Best kick scooters for adults 2022

Why should children have all the fun?

Gadgets & Tech

Best computer monitors: screens for desktops, laptops and Chromebooks

Expand your digital real estate with a second screen for your home desk


Best smart scales

As personal health exploration grows, smart scales are becoming an essential. Stuart Pritchard weighs in on which to put your feet on and your faith in…