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2h Driver who crashed into crowds in Berlin ‘may have been mentally ill’
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3h Harry’s libel claim against publisher over Home Office case in court
Health & Fitness
<p>Fred Perry at Wimbledon in 1936 </p>
Fitness wear

Best tennis shoes for men

High performance tennis shoes for men on all court surfaces

<p>Listen up: lose the screens and get a HIIT fix in your earbuds</p>
Health & Fitness

VB lifts weights now and you should too — a guide to getting started

As the designer says she’s transformed her workouts in order to become curvier, Rosie Fitzmaurice on the strength workouts and training tips you need to know

The Escapist

Inside the HRT crisis driving women to the brink

As Sajid Javid enlists members of the Covid vaccine taskforce to urgently fix the hormone replacement therapy shortage, Claire Cohen reports on a national health emergency

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Prenatal depression: My pregnancy blindsided me — where’s the support?

Filmmaker Katharina Koall felt hopeless and alone while pregnant with her fourth child — until her neighbour introduced her to cold-water swimming. She hopes her documentary about the experience will help other expectant mothers who are struggling

Fitness wear

Best sweat-wicking activewear to keep you feeling fresh all day long

Activewear pieces designed to wick workout-induced perspiration away, no sweat

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Your ultimate marathon training diet and nutrition plan

Twelve-time marathon runner and dietitian Charlie Watson shares her expert tips and homemade recipes to power you through

Health & Fitness

What is padel tennis and how to get playing in London?

The squash-tennis hybrid is the world’s fastest growing sport

The Escapist

Super-gyms! Cardio challenges! Your guide to getting fit this summer

Let Rosie Fitzmaurice guide you through the capital’s hottest workouts

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7 DIY health test kits for winter wellbeing

From Numan’s finger-prick MOT kit to Medichecks’ fitness blood test, these are the health checks you can order to your door

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London’s best gyms, fitness classes and boutique studios for 2022

From Michelle Obama’s favourite workout to female-only weight-lifting facilities, Rosie Fitzmaurice has a definitive guide to the best spaces to workout in this year

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How hypnotherapy cured my binge drinking

As new data shows almost eight million people are drinking harmful levels at home since lockdown, Nicola Moyne shares how she harnessed the power of hypnosis to banish the booze

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The ultimate fitteratti Christmas gift guide

From ultra-light trainers to clever smartwatches, Katie Strick has a festive wishlist

Health & Fitness

9Round kickboxing gym: is this London’s best kept fitness secret?

The latest boxing concept to land on UK shores is a sure-fire way to a stronger body and more resilient mind, says Ellie Davis

The Escapist

Celebrity osteopath Anisha Joshi’s top tips for avoiding back pain

Whether you’ve been hunched over your kitchen table for the past two years or suffer from regular tension headaches, star spine specialist Joshi reveals her top tips for healthy bones and joints

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Hollywood’s hardest workout has landed in London—are you tough enough?

It’s the HQ for LA’s hottest bods. As the gym pops up at Mondrian Shoreditch in London, Rosie Fitzmaurice joins the fitterati

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Why have so many people taken up smoking during lockdown?

Taking up smoking in her 30s wasn’t part of the plan, but as Alexandra Jones found, during the past year or so, she wasn’t alone

The Escapist

Pulling power: Why rowing is the new spinning

Step away from the Peloton — there’s a new calorie-torching, shoulder-sculpting routine the fitterati loves, says Katie Strick

The Escapist

Back to the gym: the new classes and studios to book now

From roller discos to jumpboard Pilates, London’s fitness scene is more fun and varied than ever

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This is the hot new workout for autumn (and it only takes 20 minutes)

Rita Ora, Poppy Delevingne and Amelia Windsor are all hooked on this electrifying workout. Rosie Fitzmaurice gives it a go

The Escapist

Is egg freezing a work perk too far?

As more London companies offer fertility services, Kate Wills asks if this is about gender equality or something more cynical

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How to lose lockdown weight sustainably

From masterminding your workouts to adding the right staples to your diet, Rosie Fitzmaurice presents the ultimate guide to reclaiming healthier habits

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Cody Rigsby: Meet the man who makes Rishi Sunak sweat

He’s the Peloton star who has Sunak in a spin - but what is his secret? Katie Strick gets in the saddle with the Britney-loving instructor

The Escapist

Why do weight loss fixes have to be so cruel?

A new weight-loss tool uses magnets to clamp teeth shut and prevent overeating - is this a step too far for diet culture?

Health & Fitness

6am Peloton and Britney Spears: Rishi Sunak’s morning routine revealed

The Chancellor claims his workout schedule has been “destroyed by this job’, but how does he stack up to other politicians?


Meet the man who founded Peloton - and made millions

The exercise bike inventor John Foley tells Susannah Butter about having a great pandemic, taking on London's gyms and making sure he doesn't break his son's heart


On yer bike: best cycling holidays in the UK

For real escapism, get on your bike and feel the wind in your hair. Katie Strick maps your route

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What’s SUP? A guide to paddleboarding in London

As doctors confirm the health benefits of paddleboarding, Katie Strick takes to the water

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Outdoor spinning and park bootcamp classes to book now

From park HIIT to cardio intervals, London’s green spaces are where it’s at to get fit when the sun shines

The Escapist

London’s best new mega-effective exercise classes to book

Enough of the home workouts, already! Your favourite gyms have been busy conjuring up packed schedules full of exciting new exercise classes. Rosie Fitzmaurice has the lowdown on where to flex, sweat and stretch

Health & Fitness

‘Lockdown has enabled eating disorders, we need absolute change now’

Trevor Phillips’ daughter Sushila and Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame have died after battles with anorexia. The pandemic has caused four times the amount of people admitted to hospital for eating disorders and specialist clinics have two-year waiting lists, so what can be done?


A Cure for Darkness by Alex Riley: How I live with mental illness

Lobotomies, electroshock therapy and crippling medication are just some of the treatments that have been used to treat depression in the past. Science writer and sufferer, Alex Riley decided to write a book about the history and treatment of depression, partly to help heal himself, he tells Katie Law

Health & Fitness

The Gut Stuff: Why it’s time to talk about poo

London, how do you poo? Giulia Crouch meets Alana and Lisa Macfarlane, the DJs on a mission to shake up our microbiome

The Escapist

Peloton for rowing: Is Hydrow’s £2300 fitness machine worth the money?

The sleek, high-tech machine offers 2,000+ live and on-demand workouts and counts actor Kevin Hart and members of the US national rowing team among its instructor squad

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Why’s everyone rollerskating all of a sudden?

While the past year has left many bereft of fun, a growing number of Londoners have been giddily getting their eight-wheeled groove on. Leonie Cooper reports on how we’ve fallen head over heels for roller skating


Could sleeping in separate bedrooms save your relationship?

More and more couples are choosing to sleep apart, Suzannah Ramsdale thinks they’re onto something

The Escapist

3D yoga mats: how sensory cues can boost your practice

A high-tech assistant to take your warrior pose to the next level