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Susie Lau

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Bubble rap: Susie Lau revisits her view of the Queen

From her over-exposure to the Queen’s profile to her grandad’s idealisation of Englishness, Susie Lau shares her idiosyncratic experience of Her Majesty

Jun 1, 2022
ES Magazine

Bubble Rap: Susie Lau gets a peek behind influencers’ filters

While on ‘tour’ with fellow influencers, our columnist finds herself flummoxed when real life collides with the filtered versions of our social media idols

May 26, 2022
ES Magazine

Bubble wrap: Susie Lau on finding happiness

Is it time for affluent Londoners to check their privilege once again? Because, says Susie Lau, copious creature comforts don’t seem to be making us happy

May 21, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau on the Met gala and life’s truly gilded moments

As the gilded glamour of the Met Gala battled with weighty world issues for her attention, Susie Lau’s thoughts turned to where the true gold in life lies

May 12, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau ponders the changing rules of child discipline

In her childhood, kids were smacked and chased with feather dusters. Times have gladly changed but Susie Lau can’t help empathising with modern parents

May 5, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau on the joys of the local nail salon

There’s more to a great talon salon than a pretty set of nails, says Susie Lau. It’s a heart-warming microcosm of the best of human nature

Apr 28, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie returns to long-distance travelling

As Susie Lau jets off with her daughter in tow on her first long-haul holiday since the pandemic struck, she’s pleasantly surprised at what a breeze it all is

Apr 21, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau goes full goblincore

Taking slobbing out to another level, Susie Lau goes full-on goblincore as she blissfully descends further into the WFH abyss. Bring on the yoghurt stains...

Apr 14, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau logs into the bizarre realms of Metaverse Fashion Week

On a digital trip to fashion’s new frontier, our columnist finds that the tech — and crucially, the clothes — just don’t compute

Apr 7, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau on how it feels to house a refugee family

As the first Ukrainian refugees arrive in the UK, Susie Lau hears from a friend who has opened the doors to her home in Germany to a family running from war

Apr 4, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau dreads her daughter losing a language

With grandma stuck in Hong Kong, Susie Lau is dreading the battle to stop her daughter losing touch with her Cantonese mother tongue

Mar 24, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau looks back at her years spent at London Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week kicks off, Susie Lau looks back over her 15 years at the shows — cue joy, bear hugging and floods of big, fat tears…

Mar 21, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau compares London and Paris’s hottest on-screen hangouts

As Susie Lau finds herself reliving on-screen moments in the haunts of Paris, she ponders why London’s best spots haven’t been hijacked by TV

Mar 17, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau wonders if life can carry on as normal

As the war in Ukraine rages and life slowly gets back to normal elsewhere, Susie Lau is finding it hard to know how to keep calm and carry on

Mar 10, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau on whether she should be a ‘cool mom’

To be cool mum or not to be cool mum, that is Susie Lau’s question — and her daughter knows full well which parental type she’d prefer

Feb 24, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau is eavesdropping this Valentine’s Day

Ever caught yourself listening in to the next table instead of enjoying your own date? Time to embrace being a voyeur this Valentine’s, writes Susie Lau

Feb 11, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year

As Lunar New Year shines a spotlight on Chinese culture, Susie Lau says get out and celebrate all that’s weird and wonderful about the holiday

Feb 4, 2022
ES Magazine

Susie Lau on the joy of spontaneity in London

Our new columnist, Susie Lau, longs for the return of spontaneous London, when you could show up at a bowling alley without a two-hour queue

Jan 27, 2022
ES Magazine

Our new columnist Susie Lau on why she’ll forever be tied to London

Our new columnist, Susie Lau, on why she’ll always be a die-hard north London girl and how 2022 will see the city coming out of its shell

Jan 20, 2022

Susie Lau: Virgil Abloh proved boundaries are meant to be broken

Virgil Abloh’s death sent shockwaves through the fashion world. Susie Lau pays tribute to an industry legend

Dec 2, 2021