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4m Price of filling typical family car with petrol hits £100
2h Zelensky: Fate of Donbas being decided in battle for Severodonetsk
2h Driver who crashed into crowds in Berlin ‘may have been mentally ill’
43m Transfer news LIVE: Tottenham identify Bastoni alternative
1h FTSE 100 Live: Brent crude at post-invasion peak, ECB rates in focus
3h Harry’s libel claim against publisher over Home Office case in court
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Podcast: To mark Ghostbusters Day we reveal Afterlife’s CGI magic

With Christophe Paradis, animation supervisor on Ghostbusters: Afterlife

<p>Forest elephants in Gabon (Alamy/PA)</p>

Are pop stars being pressured to go viral on TikTok?

American star Halsey joins a chorus of female singers complaining that their labels are demanding viral social media moments. The reality is more nuanced, explains music business insider Jamie Collinson.


Unreal! Here are 10 pioneering CGI influencers to follow now

The robots are truly coming where social media marketing is concerned - welcome to the world of the virtual influencer.

The Escapist

The best dating apps to use in 2021

One in five UK Bumble users say they’ve joined after ending a committed relationship as a result of the pandemic, so embrace the rush of new dawn daters


Podcast: behind the scenes of Prehistoric Planet

The series producer and animation supervisor explain how they created the immersive and photo-realistic ancient world

Cyber Security

Here’s how a state-sponsored cyber attack will affect our lives

With Russian reprisals for sanctions a strong possibility, cyber security expert Rahul Tyagi unpicks the impact of a state-sanctioned, large-scale cyber-attack on how we work, live and communicate - and how we can best prepare for the worst.


Apple Pay Suspended Text: How to recognise and report scam messages

The scam text includes a link to a deceptive website


Podcast: North Korea military tackle ‘explosive’ covid outbreak

Plus, Tonga volcano eruption: the biggest atmospheric explosion ever recorded


Podcast: The man behind historic Milky Way black hole image

Radio astronomy and astroparticle physics expert Heino Falcke is the man behind capturing Sagittarius A*


Google unveils Pixel Watch and previews next flagship smartphones

The tech giant used its I/O developer conference to announce its Apple Watch challenger and offer a preview of its next iPhone rival, the Pixel 7.

Podcast: Musk on Trump’s Twitter ‘freedom’

Plus, London rapper Jords on his poem for Mental Health Awareness Week


EA Sports to stop making Fifa video game in 2023

The company will continue to make football games, which will be titled EA Sports FC.

Podcast: Millions of cyber scams taken offline

Plus, walking whales and the government buying the bitcoin dip


Google Chrome Hack: How to update web browser after security issue

Google Chrome will automatically update over the next few days--but users can update the web browser now.


Has Clubhouse had its day - or just found its niche?

The once hugely hyped, voice-based social network has seen its monthly downloads plunge. But listen very carefully, says Gordon Glenister, it still has plenty to offer both individuals and brands.


Podcast: Could a driverless F1 be around the corner?

PoliMOVE’s car reached an incredible speed of 192.2 mph