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4m Price of filling typical family car with petrol hits £100
2h Zelensky: Fate of Donbas being decided in battle for Severodonetsk
2h Driver who crashed into crowds in Berlin ‘may have been mentally ill’
43m Transfer news LIVE: Tottenham identify Bastoni alternative
1h FTSE 100 Live: Brent crude at post-invasion peak, ECB rates in focus
3h Harry’s libel claim against publisher over Home Office case in court
Where to live
<p>Manningtree in Essex sits on the River Stour </p>
Where to live

Four pretty, countryside locations for exiting London homebuyers

Exchanging the capital for a breath of fresh air doesn’t have to be dull. Ruth Bloomfield hears from the ex-Londoners who have cracked the countryside code

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<p>Tinie Tempah in Blackheath’s private Cator Estate where he used to imagine living one day </p>
Where to live

Tinie Tempah’s local tips on the south-east London area he grew up in

Rapper and property investor Tinie Tempah tells Amira Hashish what his childhood stomping ground has in common with Bel-Air

Where to live

‘We sold our London home for a seaside doer-upper four times the size’

When Leanne Fraser was made redundant during the pandemic, it was the catalyst she needed to retrain and move her family to live by the sea.

Where to live

Curator Rosa Rogina on the east London area that has it all

Architect and curator Rosa Rogina gives us a tour of her vibrant east London neighbourhood.

Where to live

Where to live in the county with everything London leavers need

Just over an hour from London and with a choice of charming cities or beautiful villages — Hampshire’s the perfect country escape. But be prepared for top prices

Where to live

Top commuter towns across Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Essex

Picturesque country and seaside locations for 2022 house-hunters who still want to live within reach of the capital.

Where to live

How Crossrail is set to change this ‘magic melting pot’ in east London

It’s still scruffy for now — but Crossrail could make E1 a hotspot

Where to live

Good value period homes on Crossrail are draw to this east London area

Good value period homes on Crossrail are a draw to the area, where house prices have skyrocketed

Where to live

Greenery and value period homes make this Crossrail’s eastern star

East London’s Manor Park has new homes, green spaces and and further change on the horizon.

Where to live

‘We swapped Crystal Palace for a Surrey village we knew little about’

Nisha Patel and her family moved from a flat in south London to a three-bedroom forever home with a garden in Pirbright last year. It’s taken a bit of getting used to, but they love it.

Where to live

‘Berlin has given me a lifestyle I could never have in London’

Renting may be cheaper but it can take up to a year to find a long-term home warn Berliners

Where to live

The prettiest Cornwall homes on sale for the price of a London flat

The celebrity chef has sold one of his Cornwall mansions for a record-breaking £7.5 million. Lack his budget but fancy swapping city for sea? These dreamy properties are available...

Homes & Property

A local’s guide to the East End area beloved of priced out Hackneyites

Yelena Ford is managing director of The New Craftsmen, which sells the work of some of Britain’s finest makers. She tells Jess Denham why Leyton’s home

Where to live

‘We left London for a house in Yorkshire and a better social life’

Mark and Gillian Harrison say their social life in North Yorkshire is better than it was in London, because visiting friends doesn’t involve an hour on the Tube.

Where to live

‘We left London to live off-grid in a forest in Lithuania’

Eva Juozaitiene and her husband Mantas swapped the outskirts of London for Lithuania.

Where to live

Why chef Rahel Stephanie swapped Hackney for this low-key London area

Rahel Stephanie, host of cult Indonesian supper club Spoons, on falling for Brockley’s green hills and quieter pace

Where to live

‘I will never go back’: how renting in Lisbon compares to London

The average monthly price of a furnished one-bedroom apartment in the trendy Portuguese capital stands at €1,296 (£1,090), over £500 cheaper than in London.

Where to live

Aligheri founder Rosh Mahtani on her ‘secret’, central London area

Rosh Mahtani, founder of the coveted Alighieri Jewellery brand worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Marcus Rashford on why Clerkenwell feels like London’s best kept secret.

Where to live

Why we swapped Canary Wharf for a stone house in the Peak District

Loneliness in lockdown spurred one couple to see if they could make life work outside the city, and they haven’t looked back.

Where to live

‘I cried leaving London but am glad I swapped Nunhead for Bristol’

Aletheia and Owen Conway-Hughes made the big move with their son Caspar in March.

Where to live

Director Nadia Latif’s guide to her diverse community of Eastenders

Film and theatre director Nadia Latif lives in Hackney’s real-life Albert Square. She explains why it’s the best part of London

Where to live

Revealed: the UK’s most expensive seaside towns

The South West dominates the list with “millionaire’s playground” Sandbanks in Dorset back in first place

Where to live

Living in Crystal Palace: a local’s guide to London’s ‘best place’

Victoria Park, Hanwell and New Malden also feature on the 2022 Sunday Times list.

Where to live

Sadie Frost on why she moved back to her north London village

Sadie Frost shares her local tips and says that although the area has changed since she was a child, it will always be ‘home’

Where to live

‘How we swapped Penge for Pangbourne — without any regrets’

Anne Cullen and her son Xavier left London for Berkshire last year, and haven’t looked back.

Where to live

Ceramicist Emma Lacey’s north London area’s so good she’s never left

Lifelong resident Emma Lacey makes her ceramics, stocked at The Conran Shop, at her home studio. She tells Prudence Ivey why she loves the area

Where to live

Why one family left London to try island life — but couldn’t stay

A return to London from Jersey had been on the cards, before this family decided to try somewhere else entirely.

Where to live

Designer Gergei Erdei on why he loves his ‘idealistic’ London postcode

Gergei Erdei worked at Gucci before setting up his design studio focusing on homewares inspired by antiquities. Here’s what he loves about Bloomsbury.

Where to live

‘We left Lewisham for a West Sussex village with a Londony feel’

When the Bartholomews realised they were living a village lifestyle in the heart of Zone 3, they started their search for a bigger home much further afield.

Property News

Top London schools where nearby homes cost less than borough average

The price of a London home in a top school’s catchment area is currently 26 per cent higher than the city average. Here’s where that isn’t the case.

Where to live

‘We swapped Greenwich for a modular, new-build home near Cambridge’

Fed up of the poor air quality in London, this family left their Greenwich home and bought a customizable house on the edge of a lake in Northstowe.

Where to live

‘Brexit made me swap 27 years in London for a French chestnut farm’

The French-Dutch couple swapped their house in Northolt for a 300-year-old former chestnut farm in the Ardèche

Where to live

Chef Thomasina Miers on her NW London area’s thriving foodie scene

Masterchef star and Wahaca founder Thomasina Miers tells Amira Hashish all her secret spots in her beloved corner of the capital.

Where to live

How one couple bought in Mallorca —the home of the ‘Golden Visa’

Spend at least €500,000 on property to be granted a Golden Visa to live in Spain. Plus, meet the go-getting couple who spent two years renovating their dream home in Pollensa.

Where to live

Food blogger Elisa Rossi on where to eat, shop and explore in Tooting

When Elisa Rossi is not inspiring her @happyskinkitchen followers with vegan recipes, she’s at home in Tooting.

Where to live

Charlene Prempeh shares her highlights of buzzy, foodie Borough

Charlene Prempeh is the founder of creative agency A Vibe Called Tech. She shares her top picks of the cultural and foodie hub she calls home

Where to live

‘We left a crowded flat and unbreathable air for friendly Winchester’

A lack of space and high pollution levels made Evie Winter-Luscombe and her husband Andrew want to relocate to the smaller Hampshire city.

Where to live

Laura Jackson on her booming ‘hybrid’ area east of Hackney

TV presenter, podcast host and chief of homewares platform Glassette, Laura Jackson, shares her insider’s tips to the east London area